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Accelerating machine installations during a lockdown

Nov 05, 2020

Paper Converting Machine Company’s dedication to innovation and delighting customers is not stopping, even for a global pandemic.

PCMC recently needed to install a number of machines assembled in Belgium at North American customers. Belgium service technicians usually complete the work, but Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions prevented them from leaving Europe.

With few options left on the table, Justin Schultz, a North American service technician with no previous Belgium machinery experience, lead the installation in the field. Once on site at the customer, Justin used PCMC’s Accelerate technology to establish a live audio and video connection with team members in Belgium. With the use of a tablet and mobile app, both sides could draw in a relative 3D space to diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Participants could also review critical drawings and documents at the same time despite being thousands of miles apart. The combined effort resulted in a successful machine installation and startup within days.

PCMC’s team of 91 global technicians is using Accelerate in a variety of ways to help customers achieve their production goals and minimize downtime. This includes activities such as:

  • Installing machines
  • Troubleshooting via video
  • Monitoring data
  • Creating collaborative, live work environments
  • Auditing machines

As COVID continues to re-emerge around the world, it’s clear that the travel and accessibility challenges will continue for many months to come. With a service like Accelerate, you can rest assured knowing your equipment can still get the service it needs to keep your business moving forward.